About us

Hi, I'm Nouran

I want to create workplaces where people thrive.

With a colourful background ranging from customer support to executive leadership to online non-profits, I realised quite quickly that the fundamental skills involved in leading people are the same. They can be applied to any context, once you have the basics down.

My goal is to create and share resources that will help new managers build the skills they need to create an effective and supportive work environment. People-first leadership leads to fun, ambitious, high-performing teams.

Hi, I'm Eleonora

I'm a psychologist turned tech enthusiast, weaving together insights from my neurocognition research days with the fast-paced world of technology. My focus? Crafting workspaces where teams don't just complete tasks but become self-reliant innovators.

My strength lies in grasping intricacies of cognition—how we perceive information, approach motivation, and acknowledge the diverse ways individuals learn and retain knowledge.

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