Peak Performance: Tools to

Manage Performance

Are you a leader struggling to manage low-performers or recognise high-performers? From setting clear expectations to providing constructive feedback, you will learn proven techniques to drive accountability, foster growth, and cultivate a culture of excellence.


Performance Management

In our workshop, you will gain the essential skills and strategies needed to effectively manage and maximize your team's performance.

Managing performance can be a daunting task, especially for new managers or those in recently formed teams, where expectations are unclear or there's a high degree of uncertainty.

We'll help you make objective evaluations, create performance matrices, and improve communication with your team.

What You'll Learn


Objective performance assessment

Performance is an emotional topic. Learn how to separate that emotion from the situation and assess performance objectively.


Develop a performance matrix

Discover a versatile framework applicable to any team and situation. Understand internal and external metrics of performance and develop a performance matrix for your team.


Effective communication strategies

Master effective communication techniques that facilitate clear and constructive feedback delivery.


Actionable improvement plans

Create comprehensive plans that align seamlessly with your performance assessments and team objectives.

An example of Who Should Attend:

  • Supervisors of Newly Formed Teams
    Enhance team cohesion and productivity by learning to assess and improve performance effectively in a newly formed team environment.
  • Entry-Level Managers
    Develop essential performance management skills to set expectations, provide feedback, and support team growth.
  • Human Resources Professionals
    Gain advanced performance management skills to boost organizational performance and employee development.

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